High Court Visit 2017:

Students of Oriental College of Law, visited Bombay High Court on 10/2/2017 with Prof. Dr. Prakash Deshmukh and Senior Advocate Shri. Shreepad Murthy and Mr. Shreekant Gavand, Addl. Public Prosecutor, High Court explained the students about overall procedure of Civil and Criminal Court.

Trial Court Visit 2017 :

Students of Oriental College of Law visited Trial Court (Court of CJJD & JMFC, Vashi at Belapur) on 7/2/2017 with Prof. Nilesh Bagade, Prof. Ravnish Bector and Prof. Fakhra Tabassum

Police Station Visit:

Uran Police Station Visit was conducted on 8th Feb. 2015 for 3 years LLB Students

Court Visit:

Thane District Court Visit Conducted on 21stFeb. 2015 for 3 years LLB students