principalI am delighted to welcome you all to the Oriental College of Law. I know that choosing where to study law is a major decision and I believe that Oriental College of Law is a choice you will never regret, especially if you are ambitious and determined to make your career in law.

Oriental College of Law is a special and friendly learning institute where students progress well in their studies and we are very proud of their achievements.  We are proud of the progress our students made by their endeavour and we hope that they shall ultimately achieve grand success in life.

This is a popular and premier college. Our  aim is to equip law students with diverse qualities for performing different roles in society and discharging various law jobs e.g., as judge policy makers, administrators, Lawyers, negotiators, mediators, arbitrators,  law teachers, industrial entrepreneurs etc. We create a supportive and inclusive environment in which students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in every aspect.  We give them the opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and resilience. We offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities like Moot Court, debate, quiz competition, sports, etc. for all our students. Our college helps the students with merit scholarship.

Students leave the College as dynamic and responsible global citizens, equipped to play a leading role in whichever walk of life they choose. To achieve this, we provide expert faculty across various areas of law and who have a wide range of teaching and research experience. Further, the college has heavily invested on the facilities which are required for all round development of the students like play grounds, recreation room, Gym, Computer Lab, Internet, etc.

Welcome and thank you all.

Dr. Mrs. Shitala Shreekant Gavand
I/c. Principal – Oriental College of Law
Sanpada, Navi Mumbai.