Oriental College of Law had organized various sports competitions between 22/3/2017 (Indoor Games) and 23/3/2017 (Outdoor Games), viz. Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Box-Cricket, Badminton, running, shot put, javelin throw. Asst. Prof. Ravnish Bector, Chairperson, Sport Committee, Asst. Prof. Shitala Gavand, with help of Mr. Gautam Sir ensured that all the sport events are taken to their logical end. Dr. J. B. Patil, Principal inaugurate the Sports Day.

          It was decided to encourage the winners and runner-up with attractive prizes and merit certificates.

          Following are the winners and runner-up in various sport events.


1) Sundaresan Kauchithapatham, BLS, LLB – 1st Year

2) Pranay Patil, BLS, LLB – 1st Year


1) Krishna Tawari, BLS, LLB – 2nd Year

2) Abhishek, LLB 1st Year

Table Tennis (Male)

1) Deep Shah, BLS, LLB – 2nd Year

2) Pranav Devkar, LLB – 3rd Year

Badminton (Female)

1) Neha Kale,  LLB – 3rd Year

2) Ruby Sharma BLS, LLB – 2nd Year

Running -100 Meters (Male)

1) Zaid Sayyed, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year

2) Muzammil Mulla, LL.B. 1st Year

Running -100 Meters (Female)

1) Seema Chavan B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year

2) Dhwani Sishodiya, B.L.S., LL.B. 1st Year

Shot Put (Male)

1) Zaid Sayyed, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year

2) Pranay Patil, B.L.S., LL.B. 1st Year

Shot Put (Female)

1) Manasvi Dalvi, B.L.S., LL.B. 1st Year

2) Payal Sharma, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year

Javelin Throw (Male)

1) Piyush Devkar,  LL.B. 2nd Year

2) Hamid Samani B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year

Tug of War (Male)

Winner Team –  (i) Aakash Shah, (ii) Deep Shah, (iii) Laxmikant Patil,            (iv) Mayur Kamble, (v) Umesh Patil, (vi) Prit Kotkar, (vii) Zaid Sayyed (All B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year)

Box-Cricket (Male)

(Winner Team)

(i) Pranav Devkar, LL.B. 3rd Year, (ii) Piyush Devkar, LL.B. 2nd Year, (iii) Pritish Ghosalkar B.L.S., LL.B. 3rd Year, (iv) Purshottam Pawar B.L.S., LL.B. 3rd Year, (v) Shoeb Siddiqui B.L.S., LL.B. 3rd Year, (vi) Umesh Patil, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year.

(Runner Up)
(i) Preet Kotkar, B.L.S.,LL.B. 2nd Year, (ii) Aryan Mishra, B.L.S.,LL.B. 2nd Year, (iii) Laxmikant Patil, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year,(iv) Deep Shah, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year, (v) Nikhil Hate, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year, (vi) Aakash Shah, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year, (vii) Mayur Kamble, B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year.

Man of the Match : Umesh Patil B.L.S., LL.B. 2nd Year.

Hat-Trick (Wicket): Piyush Devkar, LL.B. 2nd Year.