Workshop on “Environmental Law and Sustainable Development

A workshop had been held at Oriental College of Law, Sanpada on Environmental Law and Sustainable Development. This Workshop was enlightened by the likes of Padmashree Dr. Sharad Kale, Scientist at BARC who is renowned for his research and expertise over protection and preservation of environment. The occasion was also graced by the presence of Prof. Javed Khan, Mrs. Humera Khan (trustee) and Principal Dr. Nusrat Ali Hashmi. The function started with lighting ceremony followed by an excellent speech from Padmashree Dr.Sharad Kale. He very specifically focused on how people as citizens can contribute to the progress of increasing the environmental cover; simple measures such as planting trees; segregating and ensuring waste management; using drinking water sparingly, etc. His down to earth attitude and humbling personality won many applauds.

According to him, learning is a continuous process and the one who stops doing so is bound by the circle of ignorance. He also mentioned how India as a tropical country should maintain its audacity in preserving the environment and said that simple efforts from the end of youth can surely help in achieving this goal in the long run. ‘NISARGRUNA’- an initiative to reuse waste has been campaigning at the behest of Dr. Sharad Kale since the last 40 years. This initiative aims at generating power from waste thereby making waste a useful component to be put into use than being thrown away. Dr. Sharad Kale also added that waste is not waste but it is the combination of by products which should be given back to nature for recycling.

The audio visual on ‘NISARGRUNA’ showed impressive and easy to apply techniques to make proper installations for treating waste efficiently and effectively right from buildings to large scale industries.

After this, Prof. Javed Khan, ex-education Minister of Maharashtra and President of Oriental Education Society imparted knowledge on how to lead an inspirational life and also mentioned the fact that students should participate in such activities which shall ensure the development and well-being of the society.

Overall the painstaking efforts of the teachers and students made the workshop a memorable one. None of this would have been possible without the initiative taken by Dr. Nusrat Ali Hashmi, Principal of Oriental College of Law.