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  1. Attendance is compulsory at all tests, examinations and periods, including tutorials, seminars and moot court, etc. as per the College timetables. The attendance and the work of the students in the tutorials, seminars, classes and in the moot court etc. and also the progress at the College examinations will be taken into consideration while granting their terms and deciding their eligibility for the university examination.
  2. Conduct of the students in their class as well as in the premises of the College shall be such, as will cause no disturbance to fellow students or to other classes.
  3. Students must not loiter about or congregate in the College premises while the classes are in progress.
  4. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the College that will, in any way, interfere with its ordinary administration and discipline.
  5. Students must take proper care of the college property and help in keeping the premises neat and clean. Any damage done to the property of the College will have to be made good by the student concerned.
  6. In the premises of the College or in the name of the College, No Society, Association, Organisation, etc. shall be formed, No collection be made, No tickets be sold, No function or meeting be held, No person be invited to address students, No socials can be arranged and Nothing can be printed without the written permission of the Principal. No notice shall be put up on the notice board nor announcement be made without the Principal’s written permission.
  7. Students should, in their-own interest, read notices including the notice containing rules placed on the notice boards from time to time.
  8. All meetings, functions, programmes, etc. must be organized / conducted only under the supervision and control of professors and presided over only by the Principal or by any other staff member authorised by her.
  9. Students must not engage themselves in active political work in the College premises.
  10. Students should not communicate, without previous permission of the Principal, any information or write about any matter dealing with the College administration to the Press.
  11. If, for any reason, the continuance of a student in the College is, in the opinion of the Principal, detrimental to the best interests of discipline of the College, she may direct such student to leave the College.
  12. Students joining the College are required to abide by all the Rules, Regulations and Instructions that may be issued by the College, authorities from time to time and submit to the normal enforcement of the same to the satisfaction of the College authorities, whose decision in all matters shall be final and the same shall not be called in question on any ground whatsoever.
  13. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the College premises.
  14. All the departments of the College (Gymkhana, Library, etc.) will work according to rules made in that behalf from time to time.
  15. No excursion, picnics or tours can be arranged without the prior permission of the Principal. The permission may be granted, if an application in the prescribed form is submitted by the students to the Principal through the members of the staff accompanying the students, atleast one week prior to the schedule date. The picnic will not ordinarily consist of more than 40 members and must be accompanied by atleast two members of the staff, if lady students also join the picnic. The members will have to give an undertaking that they will behave properly and obey all instructions of the staff members in-charge and that the students joining picnics shall return before 8.30 p.m. on the same day. The College will not be held responsible for any untoward incident that may happen on an excursion, a picnic or a tour. When an application for permission is submitted, it will be presumed that the students have taken previous permission from the parents/guardians to join the picnic etc.


  1. All students of the College shall take from the office at the time of admission one blank identity card. It is to be returned to the office within four days by the student with all the personal data filled in and their recent passport size photograph affixed at the proper place for the signature of the Principal. If a student fails to do so, he will be liable to pay a fine of Rs.l/- per day, subject to maximum of Rs.25/-.
  2. Students shall keep their identity cards with them while they are in the College premises, and shall produce them whenever required by any member of the College staff. Every student must show his identity card to the watchman at the gate, failing which he may not be allowed to enter the College premises. Students without identity card are liable to disciplinary action. A duplicate identity card will not be issued without the special permission of the Principal & on a payment of Rs.50/-.


The classes for LL.B. are held in the morning from 7.30am. to 11.10am
The working hours for the college office are 9.00 am. to 5.00 p.m.

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